Zenfolio Dropbox ver 2.0.2


* Google Picasa version 3 or above

Download Zenfolio Dropbox ver 2.0.2 from here

This program requires .NET version 3.5 which you can download from here

Limitations of Picasa 3 integration

Number of files you will be able to upload via Picasa to Zenfolio via Zenfolio Dropbox has a limitation due to the fact that length of Program Executable command-line limit in Windows. I suggest you start with 10 files at a time if you encounter a problem

Register your copy of Zenfolio Dropbox

Although there is no price of sale on Zenfolio Dropbox, it is a donationware.

Zenfolio Dropbox will be fully functional for the period of 45 days. If you choose to continue the use of Zenfolio Dropbox beyond 45 day period, you will have to pay some amount.

Amount is not set and you can donate any amount.
Please use the following button to pay

You will receive a product key after you pay. Product key will be asked only when you first time launch Zenfolio Dropbox and on the 45th day and beyond till you validate the product key.